Holiday in Devon – Craft frenzy!

December 13, 2012 § 10 Comments

We just had a lovely family fun holiday in Devon and Dorset for a week.  It was wet there everyday as usual but we were doing hand crafts, indoor sports and walking on the moors, so the wet English weather didn’t really matter.

So,,,,,first, the glass engraving!!!  I made a geometric mountain on a plate!  There were many designs of prepared stickers for easy designs but I couldn’t find my favourite.  So, instead I used masking tape cut into triangles and made a new pattern.



↓ The Sand blasting machine for glass engraving!


Second,,,,the wood work!!! I cut out a piece of ash tree wood with a scroll saw.  I used a scroll saw at school 20 years ago when I was a kid so I slightly remembered how to use it. After cutting, I sanded and painted it.  Can you see what this shape is??  Yes, a polar Bear!!  I got the supervisor craft man to install the clock thingy:)


Third,,,,,,pottery!!!  Using preset molds.  We could choose any 3 molds from a wide selection for £5 – cheap!  I enjoyed making the clay nice and smooth with knife tools and a wet sponge after removing the clay from the molds.




I made a butter dish, a lazy hippo hanging shelf  and a hippo soap dish.





Many people in the craft center were making Christmas gifts, so were we! But for ourselves!!


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